WarmCore Window & Door System from Tradesmith

WarmCore technology is helping redefine specifier and homeowners' expectations of aluminium windows and doors. Traditional aluminium systems can force you to choose aluminium aesthetics and finish over thermal performance. WarmCore gives you both, with its innovative full width thermal core.

Arguably the defining product of 2015 for the fenestration industry, WarmCore folding sliding, French and residential door system has been adopted by house builders and homeowners with equal enthusiasm and our newly introduced WarmCore aluminium window is built around the same full width thermal core concept.

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WarmCore Aluminium Inline Patio Door

Introducing the much anticipated WarmCore Aluminium Sliding Patio Door from Tradesmith.

There’s never been a better product to meet the demands of the growing aluminium patio market. Sleek, stylish and offering flawless operation, the WarmCore Inline Patio Door utilises the same innovative full-width thermal core technology as the rest of our market-leading range.


Why Choose WarmCore Aluminium

Tradesmith Ltd are now proud manufacturers of aluminium windows, doors and bi-folding doors, using the Synseal “WarmCore” aluminium, hybrid system. WarmCore technology is helping redefine expectations of aluminium windows and doors. With more traditional aluminium products, you have to make a choice between thermal efficiency and aesthetics, with WarmCore, you get both.

Built around a full width thermal core which maximises the use of lower conductivity material, WarmCore is 25% more efficient at keeping heat in homes than traditional aluminium solutions. Yet it doesn’t compromise strength as the outer faces of the profile are high grade aluminium, positioned to add the greatest structural rigidity.

WarmCore is an innovative aluminium system which incorporates a radically different product design approach to deliver a new high performance fenestration framing solution: “warm aluminium. Designed from scratch starting with a clean sheet of paper, every single component has been concept sketched, detail designed, prototyped, tooled, trial installed and rigorously tested by Synseal’s unrivalled R&D team.

Tradesmith Manufacture

Tradesmith have over 25 years experience of manufacturing windows, doors and conservatories and have invested in a new factory unit, new machinery next to our existing premises and will manufacture aluminium windows, doors and bi-folding doors.

Knowledgeable Staff

All of our highly trained and experienced team members make the whole process of dealing with Tradesmith seamlessly pleasurable. They all have a wealth of knowledge and can assist you in any query, problem or information that you may need.

Free Delivery Service

Tradesmith can offer free deliveries of your Aluminium products. Deliveries can be to site or to your factory. We can also send two men if you have a large delivery or an exceptionally large set of bifolding doors. Tradesmith deliver to the south of England.

10 Year Guarantee

All Tradesmith products including hardware, glass and finish are guaranteed for a full 10 years. Tradesmith have been around for a while so will be able to honour the guarantees for years to come.

Pricing Software

Tradesmith offers free pricing and ordering software, in addition to this, full training and support is also offered. You can prepare professional quotes and apply you own mark ups for each project undertaken.

Marketing Material

Tradesmith can provide you with marketing material for the WarmCore. With a large image gallery of products and brochures. You can also have for your showroom, products and corner samples.

Fast Turnarounds

Tradesmith works to a 2/3 week turnaround from order to delivery. This is an exceptionally speedy service as most aluminium manufacturers work on a 5/6 week turnaround.


Tradesmith have a showroom packed full of all the products offered so you are welcome to come and view for yourself. You can also book a factory tour and see the products being manufactured.


The WarmCore Advantage U-Value Performance

Using standard 28mm double glazing the WarmCore folding sliding door achieves a U-value of 1.5 W/m2 K. Upgrading to low-E glass gives an improved U-value of 1.4 W/m2 K, while a U-value as low as 1.0 W/m2 K is achievable using 44mm triple glazing. The advantage against traditional aluminium doors is clear, with many struggling to meet current legislation.

WarmCore has been designed from the ground up to offer market leading thermal performance, protecting against future tightening of Building Regulations – Part L.

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